Should I Rent a Chair or Suite?

Education Provided

Renting a Chair From Signature

Renting a Suite from them

Yes. Ongoing continuing education featuring some of the best educators in the business. Most completely free with only the cost of a mannequin.


No. You are mainly on your own.

Work with a Team

Rare if any. You really need to be good at marketing your business on your own.

Yes. Walk-Ins are available to all staff.


No. You are responsible for creating and getting your referral cards made.

Yes. Referral cards designed, provided & ready for distribution as you start growing your business through your best advertising ... your clients.

Referral Cards

Rare if possible

Very Capable

Bridal-Group Parties Capable

No. You are responsible; answering calls, returning texts and/or email, scheduleing appointments, cancelling, appointments when you are sick, laundry, coffee, cleaning, etc.




Yes. Including sales to clients when you are not working.

Commission from Retail

No. You need to purchase and decide which one is best for you. Most likely train yourself on the program. Most programs have monthly fees.

Yes, included. We use the Milano system. Tracks your schedule and all your client information including special instructions, formulas pricing and sales history along with email marketing if you so choose to use.

Scheduling and client tracking program including tracking your sales and sales tax.

If you so choose. Carrying a lot of products takes a lot of capital and especially time as you are the only one that can sell it.  Do you know how to track? Will your client want what you sell? What will you do with old and discontinued items you can't return?

Yes. Stocked, priced, rewards programs and priced the same or better than any of the major companies. Great commission structure and paid monthly by Salon Sollievo. We do special orders for clients without a hassle.

Large Product Inventory for clients to choose from.

Yes. Great team to create and bounce ideas off of. In a bind you can lean on your team when a client has a challenge you can’t find a solution for. What if you don’t have someone to borrow a color from?

Mobile Schedule App Available

Yes. For a small fee, you can access you schedule through your PDA. We use the Milano system.

No. You decide and purchase which app is best for you.

Retail Contests

Yes. We have great support from our manufacturers for contests and education. We have many individual and team contests that can range from products to iPads to educational trips.


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